Game Development


Considering that art, music, and programming were enough to dip my toes into making a game, I decided to dive into the world of visual novels.

I started my own branding: Featherbox Studio, to start putting a name to the games, and gaming related projects I'll be making now and in the near future.

I'm currently learning basic python, with plans to learn C++ and Unity (even 3D modeling.)

Forget-me-not is an up and coming visual novel that is set to launch sometime 2021.

Visual novels are stories accompanied with visuals such as backgrounds, sprites, and full illustrations to make the story more visually appealing and interactive for the player.

They typically come with branching choices, which can change the outcome of the ending depending on the route taken.

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I designed the logo, the characters, and have written the script with the help of two other friends in the process.


I have successfully funded my game on Kickstarter, bringing in enough funds to budget any help needed for additional music, additional illustrations, and Kickstarter perks (which include merchandise such as posters.)

The process has been a great learning experience, and I hope this is the start of many more projects to come.

Art & Design